U/A 02 hours 51 minutes
  • Casting: Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor
  • Director: Sujeeth
  • Genre: Action, Romantic, Thriller
  • Producer: Bhushan Kumar, Pramod Uppalapati, Vamsi Krishna Reddy
  • Release: Aug 30, 2019
  • Language: Telugu

BBF Rating


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Two years after the Historic Event Baahubali 2, Prabhas came with yet another big budget action extravaganza, Saaho! Was Saaho worth all the hype built around it? Let’s find out…


Sujeeth’s Saaho has story line as thin as a wafer, maybe we can directly compare it to his debut Run raja Run. Roy (Jackie Shroff), a big-time gangster who controls Waaji city is killed in a car accident and when Devraj (Chunky Pandey) is about take over Waaji City, comes the hidden Son of Roy. Now, there is this black box, a key to the treasure hidden somewhere in India, which should be acquired to gain back power in Waaji city. Rest of the movie revolves around gangster’s search for this black box and cops (Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor) trying to stop them.



Producers of this film UV Creations spent a bomb on this film and they have to be appreciated for the fact that they spent all that on Sujeeth who is just a film old. This usually happens in Hollywood, where big production houses spend big money on guys who are just one or two films old. Gareth Edwards made Godzilla after his 500,000 debut monsters, similarly two films Ryan Coogler made Black Panther and list goes on. But however here with Saaho, we don’t know if that is a good or bad thing. 

In the process of making this into an event film, Saaho completely feels like lost in translation. There is a CGI panther, snakes, hero jumping of cliff for no reason, a tank crashes two cars for no reason, 4 lavishly shot songs for no reason. Even the much-hyped chase sequence that comes in pre-climax falls flat. If there is anything that works in Saaho, then that is the climax. The buildup to the twist and the twist itself lands quite well and the movie ends on a high note. 


Usually when the script lets us down, it’s the actors who give it a bump to make sure that the audience are invested in the plot and character. But even that doesn’t happen in Saaho. Prabhas’s performance is so artificial and cringe worthy. All in all, Saaho is just some digital puke thrown our face, which we wiped off with money by paying for the ticket. 

Our Verdict:

Just for the effort behind this film, we are going with a very generous 2 stars.