U/A 02 hours 29 minutes
  • Casting: Nabha Natesh, Payal Rajput, Ravi Teja
  • Director: Vi Anand
  • Genre: Action, Crime, SCI-FI, Thriller
  • Producer: Ram Talluri
  • Release: Jan 24, 2020
  • Language: Telugu

BBF Rating


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A group of scientists are struggling to get a mysterious medical project approved by the Indian Council of Medical Research. When they come across a music-loving gangster who suffers from Post War Stress Disorder, they decide he is the perfect subject for their experiments.

Our Verdict

Disco Raja starts off as a novel film and bites the dust with a routine and boring narration. Good first half with a terrific interval episode is follows by a boring and dull 2nd half. Ravi Teja and Thaman are the only reasons to sit through this drag fest.

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